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Even though we are active in different markets, the conception of our projects always follows the same structure:


First step is the definition of the user requirements for the automation project.

Our project engineers will encourage and guide you to take a multidisciplinary look by questioning everything in an intense assessment; this will be the foundation for the further partnership.Based on the requirement definition, our team develops a first concept and this will be presented to customer in detail. 

Fine-tuning and finalizing a detailed technical description of the project brings us to a next corner-stone; hereby the expectations and the ‘cost of ownership’ will become transparent.

The project will be assembled and tested by our team in Lokeren; final evaluation and initial approval are a part of this process:  as a next step, the system is ready for final assembly and acceptance on-site at the customer.

Implementation of an automation platform has a significant impact on the existing workflow; training for an optimum day-to-day use is seen as mandatory.  Topics like safety, risk, maintenance, troubleshooting, validation, data processing will be covered, and guarantees the end-user the most efficient cost of ownership.

The initial start-up will be followed by a monitoring period, to make sure that everything is corresponding the needs and requirements.   


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